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If i wanted to promote my buisness there are few main things i would need to care about. First of them and most important to me is how my buisness page would look, that includes design and function of my website, fast response and 24/7 support to all users. Second thing i would care about is ofcourse webpage optimization for search engine like google, yahoo, bing and other popular within them. For this job i would hire an search engine optimization expert who knows what he’s doing because if im doing a serious buisness i need to get people to see my website / product im selling or promoting. Third thing i would care about is the price of the product compared to any similar product (if they exist ofcourse), and if it doesn’t i would try to make it as cheap as possible for it’s price range, but normally with some good profit, not too high, but everyone needs to earn. When you have those 3 things finished, all other things are just a little additions to everything you already done, and practically your product is ready to sell / promote on market and you should be on your way to success.

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