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My partner and I have reached a new milestone thanks to the guidance of the Barefoot Blueprint and the Barefoot Investor. We have officially reached the $250,000 mark in our investment portfolio – and we’re only 28! Given we started at $0 when we first joined the Barefoot Blueprint, we are really proud of ourselves! In addition to our personal milestone we also started $5,000 growth bonds for my younger brother and sister, which have been in place for almost two years. I have also been assisting my 57 year old mum who, unfortunately, like many baby-boomers, doesn’t have much to show for her super. I have shared the Barefoot Rescue Your Retirement with her and we will be setting up a six-figure investment portfolio and healthy Mojo account for her next week. I am extremely grateful to the Barefoot team and community for giving my partner and I the means and confidence to take control of our lives financially. I will be continuing to follow the Blueprint for as long as it stands, and sharing everything I have learned with anyone willing to listen.Either way, to buy or sell shares you have to go through a stockbroker (you can find a full list on the Australian Securities Exchange website Now, there are two types of stockbrokers. A full service stockbroker who will give you advice on what to buy and sell or an online stockbroker. I’d suggest you go through a discount online broker. An online broker works in kind of the same way as an online bank account. You have to prove your identity, then set up a holding account, select a price and purchase the shares electronically.’st louis internet marketing’ .

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