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jacksonville internet marketing

Jacksonville internet marketing - is to use all possible channels of advertising on the Internet in order to achieve the goals of the project. These channels are: search engine optimization (SEO), contextual advertising, advertising in trade and search engines and social networks, online PR, email-marketing, social media, behavioral banner ads and many others. We are engaged in projects in the field of Internet marketing for over 5 years and have extensive practical experience and knowledge in this field. The most common objectives of customers who are settled in our agency are: to attract potential customers. This goal сите is typical for companies selling services or for companies spheres b2b, that do not sell products directly from the site. In such cases, usually used first contextual advertising and search engine optimization, sometimes at an early stage and it is expedient to connect targeted advertising on social networks. We distribute budget to different channels based on the value of the target action (application site, call and others.) From our past experience. In the next stage are connected more complex and expensive tools to attract customers, such as behavioral media campaigns, online PR, social media marketing and more. Since the effectiveness of these channels is not known in advance, we try to use these instruments more conservatively, allocating to them a small test budgets and cost tracking for targeted action visitor.

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