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Denver online marketing site is an easy to maneuver website simple and straight to the point. I just didn’t like that I could not view the video from my device. It needs to be a little more eye catching the colours were dull and boring. The font also needs to be a bit larger it is difficult to read especially at night time when I usually do most of my research and surfing. It needs a few more graphics to pull in ones attention. A few images illustrating what the site is basically about would help new web users know what they are looking at and probably invest more time on e page, rather than closing it immediately and moving on to something else. Make the video available for media player users as well and not only flaws player devices. They should be more direct about how one can become a member or start utilizing this sites services I could not navigate or locate a registratio or sign up button. They should also include an email address in their contact information. Overall it is a very professional looking site but it also looks boring and uptight and not appealing to young people like myself. It just doesn’t hold ones attention long enough to inform them of their purpose.

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