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If you are an online business, business and social media is a great way to promote your website can register ban.Cac in Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Foursquare to promote the business and the world Send to a friend. Doing this is not only free but also can get the reliable link to your website. The reliable link which will help your website rank higher on Google. Note: Let your family and your friends and family are the first to ’Like’ or ’Follow’ your business and since then have been friends since third parties. Build your social network links naturally besides some steps can be combined as: Combining promotion tool. Successful salespeople have realized that the site is just a sales channel, such as mail-order catalogs, phone orders, or direct contact. Everything must work together. That means customers can research one of your products online, buy it over the phone, and pick it up at the store offline. If your business only online, you must ensure that your branded URL popular but familiar. Including using it in each e-mail signature for each employee that you have. Print shop URL on all promotional materials, product catalogs, packaging materials, shipping boxes, shopping bags, delivery vans, posters, postcards and notices. If you attend trade fairs, conferences, make sure your booth signage and brochures also bold URL. Do not miss this opportunity.

Business and social media has had a tight connection by far. Following it is marketing online, which is popular in business thesedays. With the fast developement and promotion of social media, there are several types of maketing online, but it seems like web marketing is the most popular and convenient one. People who stay online everyday will have to use the website, so if we advertise our product in the webiste all over the world, they might catch our advertisement by chance. The benefits of doing this are saving money and time. We don’t have to make a advertise campaign or organize a meeting to introduce our product. The banners of our product will be placed in the conner or the top of the website. All the infomations should be included in the banner. Finally, what we have to do is to wait for them to contact with us and sell products. However, we still get some disadvantages from web marketing. If we don’t update the infomation manually, people might get to the wrong site. One more thing is that if you are not goot at programming software, you have to use the marketing service and this can cost an amount of money. All in all, marketing in the website have more good effects than the bad one so you’d better consider using this carefully.

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