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how to advertise your website

so now you made your website and everything is finished, all you want now is to make it public and bring visitors to it, there is a lot of ways to do so, like posting links to it on social media sites or just on forums or blogs, but the most practice and useful and successful is by using advertising, advertising is the most practiced way in now days business, so how to advertise your website, well there is a lot of pages on the internet that sells the costumers banners, banners are an empty space can be put on any website that support ads and acutely most of the web sites do because the ads is their source of income, well you see the work of ads is when a visitor press on a banner it transfer them to another site, that will be the site the person wants to advertising, so a click gives the website who support and give the ads company a space or a banner on their pages will get like 0.0001 per click, and the person who made the banner gets the same amount, so as we said you need to buy a banner, a lot of sites provide you with the option to buy amount of these free spaces and then create your own adverting, must be creative to pull more traffic

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