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search engine optimization basics

Now, if you want to change the ranking of your website. We need to have an overall view search engine optimization basics: First problem: It will evaluate all the keywords on the site. This way when someone searches for the keyword ’shoe repair’, it will only display the pages related to it. The second problem ’title tag’: Each page on the website has the title, you might never see it because it was hidden card. It very much attention to the title of the page because it demonstrates that page say about something, like a book title. Following is the link to the page: When a website is linked from other websites, the webmaster for the site that it was good. It is true that a lot of sites that link to it, it can be appreciated as well. But some people try to fool it by creating or buying links on other web on their website. Often they can detect when a website suddenly has too many links and it will use algorithms to identify links that have real value. Finally it’s important keyword placed links: It can recognize related amazon page keyword ’books’. Therefore, when someone searches for ’books’ will appear in the amazon high position in the rankings. Finally, it is concerned about reputation: If the site has a profile suitable and attractive content, associated links number increasing quality. It’s reputation will grow and this site better page ranking. These are only outlined the basics and sophisticated algorithms will always change over time so the best gian.Vi should do is make sure your site has quality content and matching algorithms them.

Search engine optimization basics. Introduction to HTML - optimization starts from the roots. What is HTML? HTML is a very simple programming language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. HTML is used to create hypertext files (files containing links). These are in fact text files, or .html or .htm ending. In HTML, there are commands, which are called TAG’s. The tag is placed in the <command> and when it closes, then </ command> To view the HTML code of a page? It depends on which browser you use, but mostly everywhere something like View Source / or Source Code. Do not be alarmed if you look at first glance a very long code, each set is very simple variants. So each page should contain html tag, and inside it, head (there are various parameters that are not visible on the site), and body (here is the content that appears on the page). Install Google toolbar (it will be required in order to verify PageRank) Then you also need a flash. Flash can be understood as an object, which is located in your Web site (eg as an image). It is important to know that Google can not read the contents of flash. Flash is useful if you want a little with him to embellish your pages, but if your main content (or the whole site) in Flash definitely have a problem with optimizing your site. Once these basics for SEO you understand,you can go to upgrade knowledge and become an expert in SEO marketing

’search engine optimization basics’ Create unique, accurate page titles Use descriptive sign ’induction’ Improve the structure of the site Improving the URL structure Make your site easier to navigate Improved Content Provide high-quality content and services Write text better link Improve the way you use images Use the Address signs appropriately Dealing with crawlers Use robots.txt files effectively Learn ’rel = nofollow’ links Search Engine Optimization SEO for mobile phones Google notice mobile sites Mobile users accurately Analyzes and promotions Promote your site the best means The use of free Webmaster Tools .Use descriptive sign ’expose Meta tags are important Induction Google may use excerpts for your page. Notice We say ’probably’ because Google may choose to use a relevant section of the visible text in your .page If useful in the matching process with the user’s query. Instead, Google may use Description your site in the Open Directory Project if your site is listed there) Learn how to prevent Find display the Open Directory Project data engines . Adding meta tags Induction for each of your pages is a good practice in the case of non-Google managed to find a A good choice for the text to be used in the excerpt. It contains a blog Webmaster Educational bulletin on improving the extracts using descriptive tags identifying the best. Words are the excerpts in bold when they appear in the user’s search query . This It gives the user clues about whether the content on the page match what looking for.

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