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content marketing service is a strategy to establish its marketing mix in content production strategy to promote the identity, history, values and the universe of the brand.It can involve all forms of branded content The web is particularly well suited to it : companies can make ebook, infographics, tutorials, videos.... all content that will be used to promote a brand, service or product in a from useful, entertaining and or attractive The main purpose of advertising is to promote sales with great fanfare strong images and slogans whitch translates on the web thourgh banner ads in all froms. The setting marketing rather pleased about the commitement to a lasting relationship with the costumers and prospects with quality content that will support a future busness relationship. its widely used on social networks or blogs It is also likely that a website with quality content will tend to promote a better conversion rate Example of content marketing: the ebook web dictionary The dictionary of the web does not advertise, and for good reason: we have mothing to sell. However, in order to promote the site, we offer visitor a pdf version of thr dictionary to download. Prepare this e-book takes times and is therefore update only quarterly

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