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To put forward arguments, opinions or ideas displayed at the entrance of the summer. It is the shortest part of the article. According to a general article does not exceed two paragraphs. It can provide a good introduction article to occur. In the introduction, the idea of which direction the development of the article will be determined. Readers information and ideas to the atmosphere gradually introduced. At first glance, the reader usually reads this chapter; If epilepsy, attracted if he decides to read the text until the end. This aspect of the entry in the article should be formatted very skillfully and carefully. This section issues put forth without getting into any details .. it should be done without excessive indirect AmAlArA escape. What will focus on what should be put in a word about which said two paragraphs. small business marketing blog.In the development section discusses the issues raised in the preamble, article writing the purpose and information for this purpose, defended the thesis put forth document, the antithesis is disproved. Be addressed and the information and documents related to the subject of processing, the subject is enlarged and the desired accuracy of the evidence the idea of partition as shown, it forms the development section (Korkmaz, 1995: 220). Development department, compiled, various aspects of the expansion of the ideas

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