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Advertising is part of the activity multi-component is a promotional activity is known that advertising is superior in many cases because it has advantages over other promotional mix elements and in particular when it comes to industrial Balmazmat because the special nature of the Declaration to achieve this excellence and advertising Unlike personal selling where it can achieve connection on a very large scale in a very limited time occupies a privileged position within the ad promotional mix, but its importance in some cases that some see as being synonymous to promote the word, because of the historical depth of this activity compared to other promotional activities within the mix And advertising art develops self-development and technical evolution that we come to it, with the great development wrought by computers in today’s world, in turn, is reflected in the world of advertising and design of advertising Alaalanfosubh reformatted its development and attractiveness much. And not advertising industry of the arts developed. It is as old as history, forms of advertising have begun evolved over the centuries until it became the art Advertising as we know it now. The way to get to know a commodity or service to the goal of buying or selling. Crawford knew: It is the art of the lure individuals to Srok a certain way. American Marketing Association known advertisement: the way is Chksahltkadim ideas, goods and services by a third piece of information, and in return paid a wage. Ouxtfeld knew: is a communicative process that aims to influence from the seller to the buyer on the basis of Garchksa where disclosed declared his personality, and be contacted through the means of communication Amh.hnak three key players in the advertising process: Offerer (a company that produces or non-profit association of community - the goals or national projects) .okalat and advertising firms (median incumbent declared target slice arrived via the ad and liquid) .hrihh target (a class of people - all people) white .da’aah Is the publicity that characterized Balalnah for a specific purpose and goal is to inform other foreign nations granted full progress and projects leading them in order to find and create the kind of understanding and to meet the intellectual and psychological knowledge-based, making it become close to the media despite the fact that the media are not being behind the interests of party What    Shop online blog ’web marketing blog’. Because today we live in an era of progress and development, Internet and mobile, and most of our day is through mobile and online Black propaganda Is advertising that does not reveal the true sources and grow within the target communities or near the confidentiality of ways, making it able to achieve their goals and often cause the spread confusion and discredit the ruling power, incitement to rebellion and rejection of the prevailing situation leading to disturbance of public opinion and make it divided certified that publicity promotion of lies and rumors and spread the news Alcaveh and use those propaganda between systems and forces hostile to it internally or externally Gray propaganda Is behind a particular goal disappear operates indirectly through a variety of sources is not afraid to reveal their sources Underlying propaganda It is propaganda unknown source or target and unknown and undeclared work and without that the public feels that there is a target of trying to influence him and spread the propaganda during the wars and disasters Propaganda phenomenon It is clear her name she unknown origin although there is no objection to be partly unknown

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