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advertising ideas for small business

advertising ideas for small business with a small business, you can build a strategy advertising like: - use the social network as a the main service, with type of advertisement you can save advertising costs. - hiring a man who can go to the bars or restaurants and introduce for everyone in there about your company. - use the acquaintance, they can introduce your company for them friends. - you can paste a poster on the taxi and advertising on the taxi - Write a note about your organization and its publication site. Can you put a link back to your site in every post, it will assist in traffic as well as providing baklinks to your website. - Find out where these events free connection and start caring there. Where people want to do business with other people. The link can lead to the start of the business. - on forums: regularly post with useful advice and attract participation in discussions. Make sure you have a combination website in your forum signature. This will increase the amount of traffic to the website. - Customer service is a kind of advertising. You advertise that the ad is simply attention, that is what everyone are noticed everywhere. - Give / provide something free - Business card - business cards design so different from what many people are using. Keep your system design professional, a little more unique with strange shapes ... creative ideas beyond the framework! Then you go around to give it to everyone. Place them on the counter, on the bus, hotel, restaurant, business center, supermarkets .... or wherever they will pay attention.

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