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As in all Ultimate Series of Private Blog Network # 1 - DOMAIN, we showed people how to choose one domain fare with the lowest cost to be able to walk the first steps in building systems for Private Blog Network their own. However, this is finished writing his name was ringing all the time is why is called Series but new writing for the first year post :( So today I write all handicapped in general 1 post it gonnnnnnn. Start nghen: 3The quality here is not the kind uptime downtime, because really make your satellite site would not find it of interest to visit, but that issue. First you are interested here still revolves around IP issues, and that is the quality of the IP. Hosting Well, we have come quite a long distance 1 when finished 1 the Domain yourself kind, and of course when you have done one good home address, the remaining work naturally throw up 1 house then. Hosting is one problem quite a headache when we build PBN by the following reasons: IP Of course we can not use the same one for all IP satellite site, by doing so is like telling Google: ’Honey, I’m lying here the way, forcing him diiiii’. There are many ways to own multiple IP hosting for 1, but is still one more thing we need to pay attention when buying Host promoting blog

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