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Fortunately, today’s marketers are using video as a perfect tool to attract the attention of the audience more and more busy. They allow narrator short but strong message, memorable and they can measure its effectiveness. Thus, in the past few years, the trend of video marketing is increasingly focused on people as a way to go in new marketing techniques In 2017no be 69% of traffic internet.Luu traffic on the internet according to your individual needs will be almost tripled. Online video quickly became an important means for users, enabling them to meet the demand for information simultaneously and entertainment. Most of us know using the sparingly to enhance their websites, but very few have the investment strategy as a way to improve marketing and sales. We will become a strategic tool. The content is diverse and can be used in many ways: embedded into web pages, shared in email campaigns, is used for internal communication, training, sales team and is used for visitors and many more. When it easily become the leading marketing tools, can be attached directly to the automation and system customer relationship management (CRM). We have begun to take advantage of this capability and will increase in 2015. Not without reason when the B2B and B2C marketers worldwide say are the top three video the most effective tactic online.

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