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We start this guide on promoting your site by basic tips on how search engines prefer to see your site, understand it and reference it. These tips will simultaneously help your potential readers find your site. -Create original content -Organize your site content logically and efficiently -Create a page of useful links, and install links between your pages -Add web publishing tools to your site We then introduce you to other ways to promote your site, but this time off your site. Create links to your site from other sites -Use FaceBook and other social networks (even if you do not have an account) -Use the images of Flickr available under license ’Creative Commons’ -Submit your site to web site directories -Tips to promote your site with Google Ads -Use Google Places to locate your business location Also the best way to promote your website is to know more about the people how is interested with the content of the site. After having a good target list you can use the online banned systems and you can find out many of whey to do it with a simple net search. It is so important to have a good and simple images and word to describe your site to attract visitors.

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