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promoting my website

Promoting my website Now we will learn how to promote your web site. You can make a Web site and make this site is very popular and make money from visits In this article we will learn how to do it. First, we create our own content and allocate a certain direction of the site. Second, we are developing articles, photos and Vdyohat have no copyright, Third: We place ads on the site, such as ads Google Adsense site, iv: This step is the most important work was the development and promotion of the site we set up a page on the social networking and promotion of sites in return for a few dollars and will bring this us a lot of daily visits, Fifth, the main form of the site has to be the site has beautiful colors comfortable to the eye even loved visiting, Sixth: setting are videos and pictures you explain each topic until the visitor Yesh benefit . There is the most important step which is the work of sections of the site in each section we explain dedicated something like news site who works departments (such as sports - politics - economy - the weather) and each section contains are videos and photos as well as transcripts because Video, or image serve as a definition of the text at the end of this article I would like to thank everyone for a good follow-up and I hope to be explained all the ways to make your site better

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