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search optimisation is an popular fact now-a-days in internet.As it is related to website and internet ,it has been spreading out through out the world.If you have a website you simply expect huge amount of visitors in it whether it is small or large website.Having your dream of huge visitors come to light you must publish and press about your website through email,backlink,press release and the mixed up of these task is called SEO.It is must needed to grow up your visitors.If you want to popularize your website you must do this.There are two kinds of SEO mainly one is white hat seo another is black-hat seo although most of us consider that it is mainly off-page and on-page,what ever it you must do both kinds of SEO having visitors.You have to bear in mind that on-page is first as it is performed inside your website,you must pay your attention and keep almost all types of content based on your website category to attract visitors as they can back to your website and spend most of the time,if you can not decorate your website means on-page properly,your off-page has no effective value.After completing on-page properly,pay attention on off-page

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