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promoting online is widely known even today. In the race to find customers for market share on the market, many small and medium enterprises also set funding for product branding. So the parties to advertise their fastest and most customers come with the lowest cost is what? It can help small businesses this. It is the way great marketing for SMEs The disadvantage of the newly established company is looking for customers and promote the image of their products widely. If you use advertising channels like TV, radio, advertising on dedicated channels, the cost is relatively inexpensive and effective, no director confirmed that with their success. Marketing road now expanding the Internet flourished and the amount of your internet users to search product information daily to hundreds of millions of people. So It can help companies bring products and information services to millions of people simultaneously worldwide. Advertising is the fastest update, the most targeted, cost each business suit ... The channel search ads on Google, Yahoo is the system used by leading flexibility and reach their goals. Cost is you who decide for their ads. In addition to search advertising, many companies use advertising messages, banners, flash on the large electronic newspaper with high traffic, on e-commerce sites, pages Ad ... many big names are gradually emerging, including Snapdeal, a webpage online retail services. Founded in 2010, Snapdeal has changed from a site that sells coupons into a service model ’online virtual marketplaces’ - sales to third parties. Currently, there are over 30,000 Snapdeal traders use this service with more than 500 kinds of products and services and are approaching $ 1 billion revenue threshold in 2014. Snapdeal has raised $ 233 million investment with a share Large from eBay. Meanwhile, a giant online retailer Flipkart India’s other capital also obtained a record $ 1 billion from international investors and that the largest amount of capital raised to date for a Indian technology companies. (Can be compared with Facebook’s capital was raised in 2011 reached $ 1 billion and taxi service Uber - $ 1.2 billion in 2014 promoting online very good

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