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online business advertising

online business advertising is a form of marketing and advertising that use internet to show the advertising to people. Is Online bussiness advertising important ? yes, It really important for marketing . Why ? Beacause , nowadays , People who using Internet increase day by day , so If you have a good Online advertising campaign you will get a lot of customer. what’s kind of ad ? There are many kind of ad . For example : - Web banner advertising - Frame ad (traditional banner) - Pop-ups/pop-unders - Floating ad - Text ads .... How do you make online business advertising ? Easy, There are many tools and service to help you : For example : google adwords. Where is place that i should put my ad ? somewhere that people usually see them. For example : On the TV online, Youtube, website with high traffic, game,.....however if you put your ad to higher traffic website , you have to pay higher money. What is the good way to make a high quallity Ad and attract eveybody? In my opinion, The good way to make a high quality ad is make a short video advertsing, funny, romantic,... and the most important is DISPLAY your brand or something that you want everybody see that. Well, I hope some thing i give you useful. Thanks you so much.

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