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best internet business Strategic planning is a fundamental pillar of all marketing plans which are designed to meet the market needs and reach their set targets. And the design and objectives laid the foundations for measurable results. The most important strategies are often developed as a school themed designs for several years, with extension tactical plan describes in detail the specific actions that must be completed during the current year. Regarding the time horizons defined by the plan, they vary according to the company, so the time horizons become shorter Bgit increase the speed of change, and strategies are vital and interactive with a prior study in order to effectively success. And strategies include a range of factors that must be studied carefully and deeply significant summed up in customer analysis, competitor analysis, and analysis of the target market, as I technological, economic, cultural and political factors can have a cousin in affecting the company negatively. In order to know more about this strategy stand at the types, and vary depending on the situation Alferdih.whith projects that there used to classify some of the general strategies, the most common is based on market dominance - in this case the roads, are rated companies based on their share of the market or its dominance of the industry. There are usually four types of strategies to dominate the market: Leader strategy. Challenger strategy. Observers strategy. Specialist strategy. Strategic marketing planning Strategic planning helps proper marketing success, is through a set of long-term strategic marketing objectives by focusing on the organization’s mission analysis, and its position in the domestic and overseas markets.

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