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best way to advertise your business

To make your business well known, the first thing you should not miss is to place an advertisement in a local weekly newspaper. This is a cheap but quite effective way because newspapers are accessed by a large quantity of people every day. Another best way to advertise your business in this fast- growing world is to use Google Adwords. Like using press, you do not have to spend much money but your number of customers will increase amazingly. Advertising through Facebok is also a great way of promoting your business. Even if people will not immediately purchase your products, they may ’like’ your business and this increases your potential customers. If you can contact with any influential bloggers in your local, ask them to write reviews to your products or services. This may be free or costs some money but it is surely not as expensive as a banner ad! If you are a small business, try flyers. You can ask someone to design a simple but eye-catching flyer then print it. Next, hire some students to put them on parked cars, houses’ doors, apartment complexes, or wherever you think people may look at (of course if allowed). Last but not least, you should always advertise your products or services accurately to avoid being fined for misleading your customers.

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