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Toronto Ontario Canada is the capital and largest city in real world city, is one city in the world. Toronto is the place where trees stand in the water where the Huron Indians beat wooden piles into the lake make it easier to be able to fish. Toronto is the place where trees stand in the water where the Huron Indians beat wooden piles into the lake make it easier to be able to fish. Although they were founded under the name Toronto is a small village in the present town site, is little more than ten years later, in 1793 on July 29 in Canada at that time governor elected John Graves Simcoe the now defunct Upper Canada Province seat and called York is a city built in the place . The fastest and most reliable way to travel to the subway and then the tram. The further away from the city center within a given area, the more likely it is that only rarely (every 20-30 minutes) walk to the bus. The city is being built on the Yonge-Spadina subway extension and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. (here you can read more about it in English) and will soon be available on the market 150 articulated buses and new Streetcar-s. sites to advertise on

Online advertising consists of banners on a distribution network of websites. The sites to advertise on web had technical management of very powerful advertising used to broadcast an advertising message to a targeted audience already present through its network. Online advertising on sites can reach a maximum of consumers connected in the shortest time and at very low cost. the advertising sites allow advertisers to promote their products and services on an ad network of hundreds of websites. Advertising is a form of mass communication, which aims to focus the attention of a target audience (consumer, user, user, voters, etc.) to encourage them to adopt a desired behavior: buying a product, election a politician, incentives for energy savings, etc. Evocation, for example, the name of a company, a store, or a brand, does not automatically mean an act of advertising. But it becomes from the goal now is intentionally to draw attention to the mentioned topic and / or suggest to go to a particular place. The ’pub’ (the apocope has become a synonym to it) is not limited to consumer goods or services. It can also promote men and women1, boast of a place, an organization of gouvernementale2 well as sports events or Cultural Rights3. Advertising can be aimed changes in behavior or promote values ​​considered as positive and beneficial to the level of society, warn against drugs, encourage respect for the environment or promoting road safety. ’Neither science nor art’, advertising is a technique that borrows largely empirical economics, sociology and psychology, which tests his ideas through group discussions and market research. Creativity is the heart but it is not an art. Free and lack objectivity. If it can devenir5, this is not the first goal of his sponsor who seeks, first, to get a message (sales incentives, act ...). The question of comparative advertising remains a debate today about whether the concept itself responds to a real echo in the public and consumers, the practical implementation of the idea remains controversial. Most authors approach or equate to a phenomenon of advertising propaganda own contemporary societies. In business, it increases trade and accelerates the diffusion of new products and technical innovations and is a very important economic weight. Many national laws prevent its potential abuse. Toxic or hazardous to health are banned from advertising in some countries (tobacco, for example), while in the same regulation protects certain categories of people, including children, by banning pornographic advertising and strictly supervise the advertising that is their destiny.

sites to advertise on .Poltergeist - a site about anything bound with sf and fantasy genre. Movies, comics, books, games, stuff. But it’s base always was, and always will be traditional rpg. Most registered members are players. Lately Polter starts to come out from the sf niche, and starts publicing rewievs of non fantastical genre of comic books, movies, and books. This is due to the unexpected boom of non-rpg readers coming on the site. Effect: 900.000 uniqe people at the website a month. Valkiria - a little smaller, but still huge site. Considered ’rival’ to Polter by some users on both sides. Gildia - also a known source of news for readers and gamers. If you would like to advertise your game on any or all of these websites, all you have to do, is to write a mail to their owners. In 90% of cases, they will create a news article about your game. If you’ll give them a copy for a review, they will do it gladly, and post again. * * * Now. I’m designing a free game. I want to advertise it worldwide, on german sites, on british sites, on italian sites, french, spanish, american... Everywhere. I spent some time looking for similar websites around europe, and I just couldn’t find them. Now there can be two reasons for this: There are no sites such as those in poland (big in numbers of users), or they are not positioned very well in Google, or I’m just lame searcher. My question is: You, people of Story Games, who come here just like me, from distant and exotic parts of the world, probably know such sites in your country. Why don’t we create a base of such sites around the world? Sites, that we could use to advertise our games, to simply make more people play them? I would say, that we already have polish sites checked.

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