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Going through lot of articles published yet here are the basic and efficient ways to promote your blog: First is every promotion plan requires daily action,design to build blogs readership,advertising revenue is cool but when we first launch our blog its pretty sure to optimize the as the most valuable asset we have at initial stage is our time. When we launch our blog, we need a pillar of 20-30 killer article ideas ready to go to fill blog up with great content that truly drives home the focus of our blog, attracts targeted visitors and shows our true expertise. Next thing ’networking’ it is a key business activity say the way should be find the top 20-30 blogs and get acquainted with them by reading them, knowing the authors of those blogs and foremost building relationships with them. To be ongoing one needs blog and forum commenting,responding to our readers, building an email list of visitors it’s a great way to maintain a dialog with our readers, we will get comments, criticism and helpful insights that wouldn’t otherwise get traffic and thats it. It is this type of investment and commitment to our business that will make it “real” for us. This is the way I hope to answer how to promote blog.

Nobody is born learned, are all old and new are all. Many of the ideas related to WordPress because I believe that now is the most complete blogging platform (and not only), freely available blog tuturor.Alegeţi for a decent theme with black writing on white, legible fonts, Articles that can be easily read by visitors. Need 2 pages Blog - About where you a brief introduction and contact the know how to contact you (email address , etc.). Comment on other blogs, especially those related to the niche you write. Comment on the object, try to offer something extra in your comments, do not summarize the comments monosyllabic. If you comment on an article among the first you will get more visitors to your blog. Reply comments left by readers. At first it’s especially important to respond to each comment. Show readers that their opinion matters. Post articles (guest posts) on other blogs known in the art. If you make a good article for readers that blog owner will surely agree. Do not forget to introduce yourself and include a link to your blog in the article. Enter a network of blogs mutually reinforcing each other. If you do not know any network with other bloggers create you one whom you know. It may be a local network, a network of blogs still niche etc. Use Feedburner RSS feed. You can then personalize your RSS feed and email sent to those who subscribe to the blog via email. Do not forget FeedBurner FeedSmith to have one blog feed. Post quality content, useful, informative, educational blog. When you publish an article, think about who will be useful therein.Include links to similar articles written by other bloggers in your articles, you make readers and other bloggers service will find you. Write your blog frequently. Do pauses. Get used to frequent readers with articles and try to keep. At least 3 articles per week, if you can write every day is excellent. Promote articles written by social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Get involved in social media, try to be useful to others. Give and you will receive back. I use Hootsuite and Yoono to monitor and be active in social networks. Details HootSuite here. Alternatives for HootSuite here. Know how many new people. Take networking, attend conferences, events and meetings with bloggers, courses, training, take advantage of any event. Help other bloggers with tips from personal experience, I will be grateful. Add blog to any address that you have online profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Youtube etc. In vain you blog if no one knows of its existence. Insert a link to the blog in your signature to email. Wisestamp extension is useful if you use Gmail emails as it allows the insertion of links to all social media accounts in the email signature and has nice graphics. If you do not use Gmail can now start forward all email addresses in Gmail to gain time how to promote blog. About Gmail extensions have written here. Include your on business cards. Yes, if you attend events and business cards you need, it’s a sign of professionalism and seriousness. Make your custom T-shirts blog address. A card reach a man’s shirt saw 1000 people. Note that a custom shirt with attractive graphics and an interesting message attracts more attention than one standard. Send a message. Organize contests for readers (books, gadgets, shirts etc). The aim is to encourage dialogue with readers posting comments and not least, increasing the number of visitors to your blog.

Before creating a blog, think - and you have something to say and how to promote blog? If you are going - you can safely create, blogs such people are always interesting (in fact, almost all of the homeless are reaching, but it is a special case). If you have experience that you can share with our readers - also you can create. But if you - neither one nor the other, just live, without a goal, and you uninteresting personality - what you blog? After a few posts, you just give up on blogging. If you are persistent, you will disappoint a bit more people, but in the end you still it will not be interesting. So you’ve it. What should you do first? Well, first, make an introductory post about yourself and your blog. Almost always new readers read the blog from the beginning, and the introduction of much help them to understand you - is signed or not, what you represent. About the design can not bother - fit almost any pattern, the main thing - to make it easy to read. All the same, then it will change, edit, etc. If you want to see the number of readers - set issue through feedburner. If you have friends in the internet - tell them the good news, was asked to sign. If not - does not matter, will appear. Then you can start writing. The most difficult - is to write the first 5-10 post (someone like), as you literally nobody reads. Comments will not be the same, so endlessly update the list useless (this is akin to the modernization of articles in affiliate - is absolutely useless, but as time passes), but be prepared for the fact that your post is read after a certain period of time.

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