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Second bulbs in the form of neon bulb which Iatiy Bmqasan 60 cm & 120 cm only and the ability 9w & 18w which is a very big difference for bulbs traditional neon It comes 20w & 40w this is a big difference in energy consumption and also experience and will show this in the video and advantages they do not need Trans starter or to the process of operating and running as soon as CBS button will clear all of this video and the method of converting Alsajh operator neon bulb to operate on the LED.   Third, it is in the form of branches or strips This type is used Wherefore of interior or lighting billboards and stands supply and works of this type Balturns differs ability by the extent of its use will be explained this also video and advantages of this type there is of it illuminations different colors and are installing the controller by remote controle and it controls the intensity of the lighting, color, and change the lighting pattern how to promote a web site In this issue we will discuss everything related to the LED ones, using terms of use and types and maintenance stages First types of bulbs: There is of the LED bulbs so many formats suit different purposes of use there are in the form of:

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