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how to promote on social media

hello every one today we will talk about bes thing happen in 2016 it is ’ promote on social media ’ but first how to promote on social media ... what is it ? ? .. facebook . twiteer . google . youtube .dollarsincome hhhhhh yes i meant that ... we see know people usin this things to have fuun but we want prmote them we want prmote sociam edia but how by invest them and divided new things in it to make people more hapy and have good smile like their face but lets do steps . 1/ on facebook do new thins on youtube divid new videos ... on twiteer i think it is boring so make a new tool to make people love it :) iam a man using twitter to much and everything in the internet ... so lets talk first about prmote .. promote mean new and good not promote bad and not good do you understand ? i think yes so lets do it and make posts to maken new things and updates and new tools at every website lets do it .... i think you are a man using them right ? iam ot talking to the wrong person so lets do it .. good luck for you yes you

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