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My approach is something like that. I spend almost all of my time on content and don’t do any linkbuilding. best link building service To be successful at that you have to produce content that is best-on-the-web for its topic. Because, if people are going to link to something they usually just link to wikipedia or they find something superior or something that superbly covers an aspect of the topic that wikipedia does not. For me to do that, I can not produce two high quality content pages in a week. I need to do research, get great photos, often have to spend a lot of money on photo props, travel to get the photos or pick out the best props, and have an employee who is better at photos than me and better at making graphics than me. An article like this can take a few days of my time and hundreds to a thousand spent on photos, photography, graphics, acquiring data, etc. Maybe I can make six in a month, if it isn’t tax season or holidays or whatever interrupts. If you do all of the above and have a substantive article with great images then you might attract a few links. I am talking about quality like you see on National Geographic or what you see on the main blog at Moz. If you have been doing this for a few years and have a LOT of articles out there all slowly attracting links the power of your content might out perform a professional linkbuilder and have none of the risk that the linkbuilder is doing something that will get in trouble with Google.

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