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For a long time, creating backlinks ceased to be a problem among SEOer strange, because after completion of website optimization, the next task is to go build links. This is an indispensable problem when performing any SEO project. However, do not always produce the correct backlink as expected, poor quality is a result that we fail to receive it, which is why the often lamented SEOer together ’Making SEO but we are still not up forever ’. So, how do we determine what is high quality link building service? Follow us give some important criteria for evaluating a good website to book backlink. 1. Traffic: Quality Website can often be big hits, site quality, the high traffic and quality content to suit the user. You can refer traffic parameters thanks to Alexa. 2. Backlink at the same website theme: This is one of the important factors in the evaluation by google engine. Usually the page is set in the high PR sites is not enough, but it also must be consistent with the subject you’re building a website anymore. If so, then it truly is extremely valuable. 3. Properties link dofollow and nofollow: This is one of the attributes you should distinguish to better understand the importance of them. Properties are attributes transmitted PR dofollow and nofollow value than that. Nofollow attribute you should not overlook existing properties because it is still in the process of debate about its real value. But you also have to reconcile between the properties, do not put it in absolute forgetting nofollow dofollow.

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