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how to get backlinks for website

so how to get backlinks for website ??? several contextual links from relevant sites in the SEO and online marketing space need to : Find sites or resources that have changed names, shut down, or moved. Find sites linking to the old page. Give them a heads up about their outdated link. for the first step we need to , Changed names and it’s realy important the Moved to a new URL after that we have to Stopped offering a service including with Stopping updating a resource befor we Shut down. Now we have to move t othe second step , it’s realy important, it’s find the oldest ressources , I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s could be done with a serious work, Now that you’ve found a site that recently re-branded or a site feature that’s no longer there, it’s time to find the links pointing to that page. Just grab the URL of the outdated resource and put it into your backlink checking tool of choice. The third and last step consist to reach out to all of the people that still link to the outdated resource. You want to give them a quick heads up about their outdated link…and gently suggest that they add your link to their site.

Website promotion is the continuing process used by webmasters to increase exposure of a website to bring more visitors. Many techniques such as web content development, search engine optimization, search engine submission, and viral marketing are used to increase site’s traffic.[1] With a growing popularity of social sharing many of it have moved to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase its exposure and redefine word of mouth sharing. By sharing interesting content webmasters hope that some of the audience will visit the website. By connecting different exposure channels some of the high quality and unique content can become viral driving a lot of usually not targeted traffic to website. An examples of viral content are infographics and memes. Promotional Websites are interactive online brochures for sharing essential information These sites are easy to maintain, and are the most common type of website on the internet. The websites we design are fully-responsive and mobile friendly Having a website gives your customers peace of mind. Your services are displayed for everyone to see, and potential clients can visit your website for more information, prices or details about your service and products. All this is good. Usually our clients can be found on Google within a short time of launching. This gives you a great groundwork on how to get backlinks for website

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