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backlinks to my site Whenever you choose the background image of a larger size, image resolution will be greater, especially seeing on the site on a smaller screen. Try to experience the site after the amendment on several browsers, as well as your experience on the devices and even different monitors to ensure his appearance as you want And to determine whether recurrence Risaa or horizontally as needed until the image fills the entire site you must use a program called variable The repetition is a normal happening automatically without even putting this element and this occurrence is horizontally and vertically at the same time, however, some of which if repeated in Risah gave form bad and also there are images are repeated horizontally give form is good .. so we use this variable to adjust the redundancy And you can also several codes to make the background image of the page commensurate with the size of the display screen using [Css3] Making the image appears complete and fill the screen to fit the size of the browser or the screen size you have .. Iqdralkod also makes it fixed is not affected Content movement up or down .. For how to develop codes, there are several ways, including that it is placed in [Definitions Additional CSS / Additional CSS Definitions]

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