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I would like to write about ’safe link building’ . you have to be careful with guest blogging .Firstly,if a website owner trusts people to create high-quality content, they are not giving you permission to start aiming backlinks at your website. They are instead trusting you to produce excellent content that their readers will love.Secondly,people should make infographics.Infographics are still effective for link building because it is very helpful for site owners’ audience.Thirdly,people ought to get active on social media.Thus,If you promote your content, you’ll start to earn links to it.If their stuff is already very good, people will want to share it by everybody.Fourthly,people should ask for links.It may seem very unwise to ask for links on the other hand it’s one of the easiest ways to get links..Finally,They should grow your personal brand.You can build your personal brand by outreach, helping people, speaking at conferences, getting press coverage, connecting with mentors, guest blogging, and other techniques. It’s not easy, and it definitely takes some time.To sum up , If website owners follow these five techniques,it is not impossible to reach higher site ranks and they can earn more money safely

’safe link building’ Develop quality content that: Provides clarity and/or details on an emerging issue. Analyzes and summarizes a complex topic. Stirs debate by stating a controversial opinion. Create a hook/angle that you will use to pitch to influencers. Your angle could be: In-depth details of a complicated issue Breaking news with insights/implications Humorous Ego-bait (appeal to influencer’s ego by highlighting them in content) Controversy – take a contrarian approach Case study – especially one that highlights the use of a software/service that your target blog provides! Find potential key influencer targets. You can build your target list by: Identifying types of influencers who would find the information valuable (e.g., parents, teens, foodies, fashionistas etc.) Search on google (e.g., “top fashion bloggers”) Search bios on Twitter. I use followerwonk (paid), but you can also use Google (try this query: *topic site:twitter.com -inurl:status) Prioritize your key influencer target list. Priorities should be based on: How likely they are to link to you (i.e., Are they an active site (frequent posts)? Do you already have a good relationship with them? Do they link to others? Are they focused exclusively on your specific topic or on a broader area?) Authority of their domain. Can be measured in multiple ways: domain authority, page ranks, search rankings for phrases related to your content Social media influence – number of followers/fans. Or use ranking tools such as Klout, PeerIndex, or Kred.

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