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Once you have the perfect website after optimization is build link the most important factor in the competitiveness rankings Google.Moi people have been different construction method, but taken together they are expansion ideas from the methods below. This article will point out advantages and disadvantages of each method to help you find the best place to work building links - your link building easier. 1. Exchange Pros: Create links from many different domain (the same number of google appreciated if these links come from more than domain source) Find more from the same website theme Low cost: Since the search takes and email exchanges with counterparts There is cumulative: Suppose in one year you exchange 100, after 1 year can lose 50% by the partner does not want to swap more but you still remaining 50%. So the next year if you continue you will have to exchange 150 Cons: Long construction period Low quality Outbound structure affects 2. Buy links Pros: Not affect the structure Outbound Very high quality Easily select the source has the same theme Rapid deployment rate Cons: High cost There is no accumulation: if so successful this year, then next year you buy you also have to buy so Risk being banned google: In the official announcement it will punish those who traffic website. Although it is difficult to resist solution purchases but potential buyers still some risk.

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