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reciprocal link building

Reciprocal link building happens when two sites link back and forth to each other. For example, John and James have websites. If John’s have a links to Jame’s website, and John’s website links to Jame’s site, the websites are linked reciprocally. Two way linking between websites is no longer an important part of the search engine optimization process. Google and other search now do not give credit to reciprocal linking as it does not indicate genuine link popularity. It’s building is popularly known as link exchange. Webmasters would exchange links with each other in a hope to attract traffic. When Google introduced the concept of PageRank, which treated links as a vote or endorsement which in turn affected a website’s ranking in natural search results, link exchange became even more popular. When it’s May Be Beneficial: - A designer and a copywriter who serve the same market may want to link to each other. - A car wash and windshield repair or dent repair company in the same city may want to link to each other. - A seamstress and desingner who often refer clients back and forth should link to each other. Reciprocal can be overdone, a practice not favored by search engines. They can also direct to irrelevant and low quality websites, which will actually hurt the website’s ranking.

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