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Backlinking (incoming links) refer to all links on other websites that refer to the website in question. Search engines are geared towards sorting search results according to a real life concept recommendations! The better you are the more recommendations you will receive. Search engines interpret a link to a website (backlink) as a recommendation for it. The more backlinks a website has and the better those links are they are, the further up it will appear in the results of searching. An example of strong backlinks would be links from topically relevant websites. f you�d like to get backlinking the legitimate way, create great content that people want to link. That�s easier said than done in this age of social media, because most social media tools use links that are automatically tagged as �nofollow� for Google in order to prevent spammers from using the system as an automated backlinking system. finaly and to be clear, backlinks aren�t the single determining factor for search rank, but they are a factor that�s often abused for cheap boosts in Google search . it is constanly tweaking their search ranking formulas in order to weed out pages that earn their rank through cheap tricks. this is an explanation of balcklinking

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