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I gave one some method to get backlinks 1. Backlink from dofollow blogs and relevant Leave comments with links, either in part using the identity (name / url) and with active links in comments. besides, you can also get it through article or blog post, but to get quality backlinks we have to get a backlink from dofollow blogs and relevant or appropriate to niche or category our blog 2.Backlinks from social media share article on social media,even though nofollow was also very high quality, especially from google +, in addition to obtaining quality backlinks you also get thousands of visitors from google +. 3.Social bookmark This method is pretty good, especially bookmarking social it has a high page rank and are dofollow, so you can enter the URL of your article on the best social bookmark. 4. One way links or links in one direction Why should one direction?, Because Google hates link exchange system that is bidirectional to obtain quality one-way links, you can buy at the backlink service provider or by leaving comments, and create a link to your blog from other blogs 5. Backlink from blog .Gov an .Edu Backlinks from .Gov domains dan.Edu blog is highly favored google, you can try to leave a comment on the blog .edu or .gov

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