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Building a model is a strategic Pyramid uk backlinks building quite elaborate and requires big time but which effectively brings the very big and very strong impact on website ranking search engines. Put system literally no direct links to the pages link to SEO, sales page that is through a website other intermediate system, it is often divided into 4 floors, depending on the variables of time, resources and the ability of each person. - The first one: it is the position of sales website, your main website, where high positions need to generate revenue directly. The backlink on this floor is taken from below. Also we have to ping and submit to the directory to search our standing. - Level 2: This is where you use services such as blogspot, wordpress, squidoo, tumblr, ... here are very important, as it impacts directly on the head so the content you care about future like quality and a little selective. - Followed by: This section dedicated to web 2.0, forum, website .edu, .gov, ... the more comfortable you can make more for purposes connected to the top without fear of your google ban the blog site. - Finally: finally the pattern here you can use the black hat seo tips, gray hat to create blogs, build content automatically. Note the personal experience of this blog we can point links on the second floor directly. Also, in the writing process, post it using the form attached as Ping to the search engines, bookmarks on the network.

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