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B2B Social Media, as know as Business to Business, has widenly been used as a powerful method to push up business. Following with this is the rapid developement of business seo services which have pretty good effects. B2B firms can and should use platforms such as FaceBook and YouTube, almost all of the popular examples used in mainstream seminars, conferences and the practitioner press are of consumer brands. Then, the final result possibly makes us surprised, a lot of people can see our products and this number keep raising and raising. Formally, if we want to advertise something, we have to make a campaign or organize a big event to promote it which costs quite much; however, with Seo services, we can make it easier than ever, both saving money but also saving time. Instead of going out to run on a campaign, what we need to do now is staying at home or somewhere with our private computer, doing business SEO in a few minutes. So what is the most important thing when we do SEO? The first thing is posting at the right time. Make sure we are posting to our pages at a time when our customers and prospects frequent those sites. Besides, keep from being overly personal must be considered as well. We need to avoid posting too much personal information. Focus on posts that are relevant to what our business is doing right now and what it has to offer our customers. Last but not least, we can add calls to action to individual social media posts to encourage prospects to learn more about what we have to offer. Anything that can be used as a call to action will be worthy for our marketing plans.

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