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The SEO linking Copywriting can only start when you know you have to write about something. The theme is an important element in her writing. A good content Help topics and word ’overflowing’ and vice versa. You need to remember is that in the standard content writing is a keyword or topic will have a higher level of competition keywords or topic rest. But I will mention this issue in the following steps. For example, I chose the theme is ’Writing SEO standards’ for this article. There is one thing you and I have certainly done that our article would be the best content in the subject you aim. This is what Google wants to return the user with relevant search results. As a result, if your content is the best, there is no reason that Google does not rank you on their opponents. How to get the best content on a particular topic, you should narrow down the back of the subject to convey the value of the article to the user. Returning to the example above, the topic that I chose to write is to write all standards. Pause a little velvet. Suppose that I selected topic is ’How to keywords on Google TOP 10’, why? If so, I am compelled to write many more articles to deploy all the reviews of this subject, can be: Keyword Research Write standards Optimization on page Link Building ... The article ’How to lock up TOP 10 SEO from Google’ not be less than 10 pages of A4 paper for me to convey too many ideas in it. Therefore, I recommend that you and your readers that its students take: Narrowing the idea of ​​theme. The narrow ideas about SEO practitioners have no difficulty in writing SEO content and quality standards. Our content more detailed and specific about how much attention is obviously the better its quality much. That entails the ability to rank on Google’s article also much higher.

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