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You are building your own website ? It is a cool job i can say. I have been building web for my client for a couple years and i might say building a cool, friendly web is not enough. A cool, friendly web is one thing but can you popularize it on the web is another thing. So how to popularize your web ? I will introduce you to a thing that called SEO. You might heard SEO before, it is a trick to boost your rank by increasing your website traffic. Organic SEO services are out there to increase your website ranking. It requires a little bit of money but the benefit is very very significant. Think about >50$/day from advertising on your web. That is the power of SEO my friend. There are a lot of websites that offer SEO, you should choose wisely in order not to boost your website rank but boost with quality, cheaply. You should contact the admin of the website to deal a good prize and be patient, boosting your rank is not in a day or two, it can be several weeks. So good luck my friend, and remember to be patient.

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